CL-E1® trackside devices are a sophisticated trackside equipment that adapts modularly to various situations. They enable large savings due to reduced rail wear when appropriate composite material is applied. Devices only require preventive maintenance twice a year.

Very long independence periods from refilling.

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A news from Austria describing how a railway squealing noise was eliminated by the WONROS™ technology (2 min).


Modular system adaptable to different situations:

• Vignole and grooved rails with different configurations can be addressed,

• independence periods from refilling are typically 2-6 months,

• wayside or underground containers,

• addressing single or double track,

• different parts of the rail can be addressed independently or simultaneously: rail gauge, TOR, check rail,

• highly efficient patented methods of application – dosing blades or drilled holes,

• Homogeneity of the composite material assured with effective mixing system,

• Complete protection from “overdosing”,

• Energy supply: grid, solar, wind, fuel cells,

• remote control.

A mechanical drive for CL-E1® device – no electricity required.

• Designed against vandalism and theft.

• Ideal where other energy sources are unavailable: tunnels, remote railways, locations with insufficient sun or wind exposure, etc.

• The solution exploits kinetic energy of the passing wheels on Vignole rails for stable functioning of the pumping and mixing systems of the trackside device.

• Combined with the underground installation of the container, the solution is well hidden and protected against theft and vandalism.

• Even with 100 % mechanical drive, a remote-control option is enabled.

One of the many patented innovations are also safely designed bore holes in Vignole rail. They do not compromise the safety of the traffic as they do not interfere with the neck of the rail. Highly efficient application bars (dozing blades) are also a part of the technology system.

  • A patented system of drilled holes in Vignole rail

  • Highest safety: TÜV SÜD Rail certification

  • Proven performance on freight railways