The safest technology on the market.

The rail lubrication technology is a combination of applied materials and devices that distribute them to the wheel-rail interface. CHFC composite materials are the only class of materials that perform safely when applied simultaneously on top of rail and rail gauge and to the corresponding wheel parts. According to the applied quantity, they can adapt to different pressures, frictions, and temperatures in the microenvironment of the wheel-rail interface. Adhesion is balanced in the entire contact area within frames accepted by tribological science. This finally provides the highest levels of railway traffic safety.

Beside numerous braking performance tests with our partners a comprehensive lab testing on a full scale wheel-rail test rig was conducted that proved highest safety levels.

Braking distances are not compromised.

Independent measurements show that braking distances stay on approximately the same level and are sometimes even slightly shorter.

Sloped curves or near the stations.

The WONROS® technology is very often the only solution to efficiently manage friction where more traction is required like in sloped curves or near the stations.

Rail gauge and TOR conditioning


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Braking shoes wear reduction


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