Globally unique system for the reduction of high-frequency noise emitted by rail track brakes on marshalling yards with hump. This is the loudest noise emitted by the railway sector and it often exceeds 130 dBA. The system significantly reduces wear and maintenance costs of brake shoes, frogs, rails and check rails. Read a reference.

Squealing can be reduced by up to 99,9 %.

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The technology reduces costs related to the wear on hump yards by 10s and more often by 100s of thousands of euros annually per marshalling yard.

»The board of Deutsche Bahn Netze is reporting that “the measured results are absolutely successful and have by far exceeded our expectations,” it looks like the German DB Netze is one satisfied customer.«

EURAILmag Business & Technology, 2013, Issue 26


• System is installed before track brakes – independently from brakes.

• Suitable for all types of brakes: pneumatic, hydraulic, single, double.

• Material is applied between steel contact parts on wheel/rail brake and wheel/guide rail.

• Standard system is suitable for single or double brakes.

• Custom solutions for longer brakes or special types of brakes.

• Double check and feedback control.


• Efficient reduction of high frequency noise (HFN) on the entire marshalling yard (by up to 99,9 %).

• Very efficient wear reduction of braking shoes (up to 8 times).

• Very efficient wear reduction of guide rails and switches on the entire marshalling yard.

• Reduced lifecycle cost of braking mechanisms because of reduced vibration and “softer” braking.