Railways are underserved with safe & efficient friction management technology.

WONROS® technology introduced more than twenty years ago a new paradigm in the railway “lubrication“ industry. It discontinued the use of potentially dangerous wheel flange lubrication in the railway sector. It introduced friction balancing agents named Composite Hardly-Fluid Compounds (CHFC).

CHFC composite materials contain a high proportion of anti-noise, anti-wear, and anti-vibration additives. They form mechanically highly resistant microfilm that balances adhesion in the wheel-rail interface. The technology significantly reduces gauge wear, gauge corner cracking (GCC), rolling contact fatigue (RCF), top of rail corrugation (sinus line) and vibrations. With over 40 % of solid microparticles of selected size, shape and hardness the CHFC composite materials proved to be an obstacle for the existing rail lubrication technology. Therefore, alongside with the composite materials also dedicated devices and systems have been developed to assure precisely timed, targeted, and stable application.

Unmatched results in reducing wear on all contact parts.

WONROS® technology exceeds expectations on wear reduction by most potential clients. Documented lateral wear reduction on grooved rail in a curve was 70%. In other words the rail lifetime was prolonged by 333%. Documented reduction of wear of brake shoes on hump yards was even more impresive – 87,5%. This means that brake shoes lifetime was prolonged by 800%.

High frequency friction noise is completely eliminated.

WONROS® technology was originally developed as an anti friction noise technology. Composite Hardly-Fluid Compounds for different applications are instrumental in delivering results. They were developed and optimised at the inception of the technology. Their formulas have not been changed since. The application technology and techniques, on the other hand, are developed and perfected ceaslessly. The investment into technology is highly profitable because of savings generated by unmatched reduction of wheel and rail wear.

Reduced vibrations on the infrastructure and nearby buildings.

The micro particles that form a microfilm between wheels and rails not only reduce wear and eliminate noise but experience has shown that reduced direct contact between two steel surfaces also influences vibrations. They are unequivocaly perceived by residents near the track.

Proven technology – little maintenance required.

The most comprehensive product portfolio on the market

Rail gauge and TOR conditioning


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Braking shoes wear reduction


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The technology has been extensively tested in laboratories and in real-life conditions. Several independent bodies have attested the quality of management and the technology.