• The technology and management systems have been attested by various independent certifying bodies.

  • CHFC composite materials comply with the EU environmental regulation REACH. They are environmentally friendly and composed of a biodegradable base. They contain no heavy metals or materials that bioaccumulate.

  • The environmental compliance of the composite materials have been confirmed by various independent laboratories upon internationally recognised test methods.

Solving the greatest global challenge

CO2 emissions are issue – since 1896!

It was already in 1896 that Nobel prize winner Svante Arrhenius first quantified and warned us about the connection between CO2 emissions and climate warming. More than 120 years later public expectations for CO2 neutral railways are more and more vocal.

Iron and steel industries account for 11% of total CO2 emissions and railway sector spends billions by laying more than 10 million tons of rails each year: imagine a steel cube with a side of 108 m which is a height of a 25-storey skyscraper. Wear of rails also contributes to heavy metal emissions. Wider introduction of proven technologies against rail friction is an important step in fighting climate change that is embodied in the green deal that aims to make European Union climate neutral by 2050.

Environmental awareness has always been at the core of the WONROS® technology. The persistence in trying to solve this longstanding problem resulted in a technology system that addresses most obvious negative impacts of railway friction. As it turns out decades later, one of the most prominent features of the WONROS® technology is its intrinsic ability to fight climate change and contribute to overall environmentally friendly railways.

The intrinsic ability to fight climate change makes WONROS® best available technology (BAT) and the only option for forward thinking railway managers.

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