About Elpa

Company ELPA Ltd. was founded in 1991 and ever since then it has specialized in environmental technology, tribotechnology and lubrication technique for heavy industry - railway technology. Elpa’s basic activities are development, projecting, production, assembling and service of anti-noise and wear out reduction systems for extremely burdening surfaces, production of special lubricants, non-slip and anti-noise compounds (CHFC). In developing machines and devices Elpa develops state-of-the-art technologies and seeks environmentally friendly solutions.

Rail future can be noiseless and more economical with use of WONROS™ technology (Wear Out and Noise Reduction On Source) efficient against:

  • rail/wheel and rail/rail brake generated noise (squealing and rolling noise), caused by friction between metal surfaces,
  • wear out of rails, wheel flanges and rail brakes,
  • GCC (gauge corner cracking),
  • RCF (rolling contact fatigue),
  • sinus-line (corrugation),
  • etc,

by using special environmentally friendly composite materials, applied on sources of noise, and for that reducing maintenance costs on rail infrastructure as on railways, tramways, metros, hump yards, shunting stations, classification yards, marshalling yards under Rail Interoperability and Directive on Environmental Noise, as being also awarded by European Commission for the Environment.

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