The Portuguese have decided to silence the rail traffic

The leading company in the field of wear out and noise reduction on source ELPA d.o.o. continues its mission in making the life close to railways quieter and peaceful. After the testing phase in Lisbon the responsible authorities nod to mounting CL-E1 devices in Portugal.
Portuguese rail infrastructure manager REFER Engineering, S.A. (the company name was renamed to Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. on the1st June 2015), who is a state-owned company, granted the certification of validation and acceptance for use of CL-E1 ws device in the Rede Ferroviária Nacional (i.e. National Railway Network) due to results achieved in the testing phase. They concluded that CL-E1 ws device reduces environmental noise and simultaneously decreases the lateral wear of the railhead, which in another proof that speaks in favour of the system efficiency. CL-E1 systems are being developed all the time based on WONROS (Wear Out and Noise Reduction On Source) technology what makes them not only green but especially clean.

English translation of the CERTIFICATE:
ELPA d.o.o.
According to the certification process instructed and to the results obtained, REFER ENGINEERING S.A., authorised by REDE FERROVIÁRIA NACIONAL – REFER, E.P.E., hereby grants the certification for use in the Rede Ferroviária Nacional of the:
ELPA Fixed Lubricator, model CL-E1 ws, so as to reduce environmental noise and simultaneously decrease the lateral wear of the railhead.
Any changes to the abovementioned tested equipment must be immediately communicated to REFER ENGINEERING, S.A.
This certificate is considered to be valid as long as the conditions referred to in DMS 1739934 006, which led to the certification, and the operating conditions set forth by standard GR.MN.VIA.002 are kept.
           (Railway Department)                                                                                     (Directorate for Studies and Projects)
                     [signature]                                                                                                                 [signature]
  (Signature of the person in charge)                                                                                     (Director's signature)

Posted on: 06.07.2015

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