Over 30 patents for managing rail friction

Unprecedented dedication to the research of the nature of the wheel-rail interface yielded WONROS®, a sophisticated technology system for balancing railway friction. It excels in reducing friction noise and wear of wheels and rails.

  • European Business Award for the Environmental Product of the Year by the European Commission

  • Globally unique solution allowing great reduction of costs related to wear of rails and wheels

  • Profitable technology with very short bayback periods



Up to 99,9% rail friction noise reduction

WONROS® is a pioneering technology system that delivers superior results in rail friction management. High frequency noise, perceived as railway curve squealing and screeching is eliminated – all this while maintaining adhesion.



More than 300% increased rail/wheel lifetime

Lateral wear of rail gauges (and passing wheel flanges) in curves decreases by up to 70% with the introduction of WONROS® technology. It also reduces corrugation (sinus line), gauge corner cracking, rolling contact fatigue etc.



Reduction noticeable in the nearby buildings

Railway vibrations originating from the wheel-rail interface negatively impact railway infrastructure, rolling stock and buildings near the track. Bearings are directly stressed with further consequences for the vehicles.


Pioneering technology for railway friction noise management since 1991.

The WONROS® technology has a consistent and proven track record of efficient railway friction noise elimination (reduction up to 99,9 %). It has exhibited 100% success rate resolving friction noise on all noise hot spots where other technologies have failed.

  • Complete solution provider = application devices + CHFC composite materials

  • Award-winning & patented technology

  • Long track record of superiour results supported by testimonials in reference letters



Vignole rail

Grooved rail

Hump yard retarders


Rail gauge and TOR conditioning


Adaptable system can address specific demands of each curve

A flexible system for Vignole and grooved rails. Application on Vignole rails with application bars or patented and attested system of drilled holes.



Compressed air driven and airless lubrication systems

Very energy efficient systems cover needs of the rolling stock. Wheel flange and TOR are addressed. Airless system designed specially for tramways.

Braking shoes wear reduction


Anti-noise & anti-wear system for hump yard retarders.

The only efficient and environmentally acceptable anti-noise & anti-wear system. Squealing can be completely eliminated – by up to 99,9%.



WONROS® is still the only effective and environment-friendly technology to address friction noise generated by the railway track brakes on marshalling yards with hump. Friction noise levels of this otherwise globally unresolved problem exceed 130 dBA.

  • European Business Award for the Environmental product of the year by the European Commission

  • UIC award for the “outstanding contribution to the innovation of the global railway system”.

  • Seal of excellence – EU quality label for ideas worth of funding



WONROS® technology witnessed unprecedented interest at the 2022 Innotrans. The environmental crisis has shifted awareness towards green technologies with potential to make railways more sustainable. With wider adoption of our technology that shifted paradigm in railway lubrication everyone benefits: rolling stock and infrastructure operators with improved ROI and the planet with reduced CO2 emissions due to reduced rail and wheel wear.

Innotrans 2022, Berlin Germany, September 20-23, 2022.

Operation was chosen for co-financing on Public tender for cofinancing individual presentation of companies on international exhibitions abroad in the years 2019-2022.

The investment has been co-financed by Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from European Regional Development Fund.